Stable board key to Kangaroos’ success

On Wednesday night, North Melbourne president James Brayshaw was re-elected for a three-year term after former club director Peter de Rauch lost the battle to return to the club. Back in 2007, Brayshaw was appointed as North’s president and was instantly pushed into making a decision about the club’s future and whether it would be … Continue reading

Big Bash League – why not Geelong?

Cricket Australia (CA) is one step closer to finalising their new domestic Twenty20 Big Bash competition following a meeting at head quarters this week. All the talk prior to the CA meeting was whether Melbourne was going to have an inner city rivalry hosting two teams, or if Geelong was going to host one of the … Continue reading

Backyard cricket key to keeping sport alive

Twenty20 Cricket has certainly changed the cricketing landscape and everyone has an opinion on whether Test cricket will survive beyond the next 20 years. Test Cricket is a magnificent game that in the past has allowed the ilk of players such as Richie Benaud and Steve Waugh to showcase the craft of the game and … Continue reading

Why the grand final draw must stay

Ten final excruciating minutes in the last quarter had me on the edge of my seat, clenching my fists in desperate hope of a Collingwood victory. When the final siren sounded at 68 points apiece, I slumped into my chair in disbelief and a sombre mood instantly filled the room. The thought that beckoned of a … Continue reading

Cousins doco was slightly disappointing

Ben Cousins has proved to be an extraordinary footballer over the years, but the recent airing of his documentary has left us with many unanswered questions. Initially, I was disappointed with the first episode of the two-part series documentary because there was limited reference to the impact of drug addiction on, not only Ben Cousins, … Continue reading